Create Wordpress Themes And Get Paid For It

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  • Sunday, January 21, 2018

Create Wordpress Themes And Get Paid For It

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With more and more people wanting to start their own websites, there is more and more demand for Wordpress themes.

Businesses, bloggers, and affiliate marketers all have different needs, so they all need different themes.

If you want to make a profit, then you can create your own Wordpress themes and sell them to people who need them.

What’s Involved In Creating Wordpress Themes For Profit?

First, you must decide who you are targeting with your theme. Food bloggers, freelance models, or distribution businesses.

The ideal customer needs to be in mind as you design your theme.

You need to plan out what sort of feeling you want your theme to have. How many different options will your theme need? You also need to factor in how much support will be required once it is up and running.

After you have planned it out, now comes the creation. You must go through a long process of coding and testing. Your theme has to be functioning perfectly before you should consider selling it. 

If you are not a developer, you can outsource the creation of the theme and just sell the finished product. Make sure that this doesn’t cut into your profits.

Once it is created, you can put it on the marketplace and market it so that it sells.

You must think about the price point. What is a fair price to sell your theme at? A general rule is that the more niche the theme, the higher you can sell it for.

How To Tell If This Is A Good Business Idea For You – Create Wordpress Themes. 

For this business idea to work for you, you must have a background in software development. You have to be able to read a market and tell what is missing and what can make a profit.

You also have to be able to work well under deadlines and be able to put up with the constant testing and adjusting of your theme.

If this sounds like you, then consider a business where you create Wordpress themes for profit.

If Create Wordpress Themes And Get Paid For It sounds like a good business idea for you, here are the book(s) which might help you get started.

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