Essential Tasks that Your Startup Should Definitely Outsource

Essential Tasks that Your Startup Should Definitely Outsource

When you are launching a startup, it can be tempting to do everything yourself. But this isn’t usually the best idea, and you will find that there are many tasks you can outsource that will save you a lot of time.

And although you will pay for the outsourcing, it can often save you money because you can focus on the more important tasks involved in running your business.

So which tasks should you definitely outsource when starting out? Here are a few to put at the top of the list.


Payroll is quite simply not a good way to spend your time. It is often more complex than you realise, and you will require specialist knowledge to do it properly.

Fortunately, there are plenty of experienced payroll companies out there who can do this for you for a competitive price. This will make your life simpler and free up your time (payroll can take up a LOT of your time).

You’ll also avoid making mistakes when it comes to keeping up with all the tax laws and regulations that are constantly changing – mistakes that can lead to serious problems, costing you more time and money.


Bookkeeping is another sensible task to outsource. Most startups do not need a full-time employee to do the bookkeeping, and you don’t want one of your employees spending a lot of time on the task when they could be doing something more productive.

You can easily hire an experienced professional who will keep track of your payables and receivables while avoiding mistakes – again, mistakes with your financials can end up causing you a lot of hassle.

You should consider outsourcing services to an accountant as well. Many accountants will provide bookkeeping services as well as other services. They often pay for themselves because they can find ways to save you money on your tax bill, which could cover the cost of hiring them in the first place.


Public relations is difficult to get right. It not only takes time and expertise to come up with the right newsworthy angles, but it also requires a good list of contacts.

Knowing the right people in the right publications makes all the difference, and this is something that you won’t have yourself.

Yes, you can write up a press release and hope for the best. But a professional PR firm can help you get a lot more out of your efforts by getting you access to their contacts, which makes is well worth outsourcing.

General Admin

Every business has a considerable amount of admin work, right down to the smallest startup. But this is often non-specialist work that anyone can do. If you get held back by all those small admin tasks, you cannot focus on the important tasks – those core processes that will help you to grow.

So save yourself time by hiring a virtual assistant on an hourly basis to carry out those little tasks that you could do but which will take up your time.

Human Resources

HR can be a big time waster. Recruiting, procedures, personnel management, compensation – it can often make sense to outsource these tasks.

This is especially important when it comes to recruitment. You want to ensure you get the best team working for you, but this could mean you end up spending a lot of time carrying out reference checks. Alternatively, use a specialist who has already done the pre-screening, and this can help you to speed up your hiring decisions.

Other Tasks to Outsource

These five are really just the start, and there are plenty of other tasks you can outsource. From your blog writing to your SEO to your social media updates, there are agencies and skilled freelancers who can do almost anything these days. So start looking at tasks you can outsource, and focus your time on other tasks that help you to grow and increase revenue.

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