Multi-Cultural Marketing Expert, Is It a Business Idea For You?

Multi-Cultural Marketing Expert

There’s so much interconnection going on in the world, so many cultures mashing, that there is a rising demand for people who know how to communicate to all these different enclaves of people.

What may be funny for one group of people in an ad, may be deeply offensive to a minority group. Businesses don’t want to hurt sales, so they’d rather hire someone who knows what they are doing to save them money.

Let’s get one thing clear, if Pepsi had invested proper money in a Multi-Cultural Marketing Expert, they would not have had the disaster that was their Kylie Jenner Commercial.

There’s a demand for it, so, maybe you are the right person for this business.

How To Tell If You Should Be A Multi-Cultural Marketing Expert.

If you have a high emotional intelligence, a knowledgeable background in a wide range of cultures, and an understanding of different taboos, then you could be a great Multi-Cultural Marketing Expert.

You have to be able to relate to people, understand where they are coming from, and be able to estimate how a certain piece of marketing will affect a specific group of people.

You must treat cultures like modern history, and always be studying them, as it is your job.

What’s Involved In Multi-Cultural Marketing?

You will be working with businesses, helping them sell their product or service to a group that they are unfamiliar with. You must act almost like a translator, and help them transfer what they want to say into a powerful piece of marketing.

They care about their profit, so you must help your clients make a profit. You must be able to juggle clients and know how their target audience is going to react to their marketing.

In our world, there is no excuse for a business not knowing how to communicate with their customers, which is why they are ready to pay you to help them.

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